Kadena Air Force Base
Okinawa, Japan

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Kadena Air Force Base


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Kadena Air Force Base

Home to the 18th Wing and many other associated units, Kadena is an Air Force Base located in Japan, between the cities of Kadena, Chatan and Okinawa. It is obvious that Kadena gets its name from the near-by city of Kadena, which is really important to the air base. Here you can find some very interesting air combat aircraft: HH-60 Pave Hawks, MC-130H Combat Talon IIs and many others.

Kadena's importance and its primary mission have stayed the same throughout its existence: Kadena is a terminal of US airpower in the Pacific region. Present-day Commander, Brigadier General Brett T. Williams, is very proud to have 18,000 Americans working at Kadena. Moreover, there are also 4,000 Japanese, which shows that the relationship between the U.S. and Japan is starting to build up. Kadena has started its existence in 1942.

The bases logo features many symbols: a wing (the symbol of flight), the Earth (a symbol of global thinking) and an olive branch, the symbol of peace. Bearing in mind the fact that this facility is for combat only, there is no training in the area whatsoever. There is however a possibility for education, but in the near-by cities. There is also no possibility for housing outside people, only troops assigned here. There are no pastime attractions they really mean business! The current mission in which Kadena troops are involved relate to a training exercise of two weeks for developing the defending skills, starting November the 8th 2007. They have received press on this occasion.